See what carnage unfolds as Emo Bear visits the local supermarket!

"What's in Store" is the first episode of Lustige Fleisch Freunde season 1, so therefore is the first ever Lustige Fleisch Freunde episode ever. It was originally released on 11/26/2010.

THEKRAIDSTER's episode summaryEdit

Emo Bear ran out of razors! See what carnage unfolds as Emo Bear visits the local supermarket.


The entire story is based around Emo Bear's basic needs.

Season 1
Episode 1
Episode List Season 1
Death Count 2

After the intro, it fades in to a shot of Emo Bear's room. It then shows his alarm



Emo Bear




The Perm

Allgemein Fleisch Freunde

clock change from 7:59 to 8:00, making his alarm go off. He wakes up and goes to his mirror cupboard of razors.

After noticing he ran out of razors, he immediately rushes to the supermarket to get more razors. It shows a shot of him walking through the yellow store when an off-screen hedgehog explodes, sending spikes into Emo Bear's eyes. He exclaims in pain, stumbles backwards and falls into a meat grinder.8:00, which makes it go off. Emo Bear turns it off, gets out of bed, and walks over to a mirror cabinet that he keeps his razors in. Then, it shows a shot from inside the cupboard of Emo Bear opening it and noticing he's out of razors.8:00, making the alarm go off. He gets out of bed and heads over to the mirror cabinet in which he keeps all of his razors.

The screen takes us to a counter with a generic character and The Perm, who wants some ground beef. Then it shows The Perm in his house opening the ground beef, noticing that it's grey and has buck teeth.


"Be sure to duck!"



Emo Bear's eyes het impaled on a generic hedgehog's spikes


Emo Bear falls into a meat grinder


  1. In the establishing shot of Emo Bear's room, the walls are a lot darker than they are when it shows his alarm clock.
  2. While Emo Bear is getting grinded up, a couple of his fingers can breifly be seen going through the meat grinder.
  3. In the shot of Emo Bear stumbling backwards, there seems to be a lot more "Pirates Weekly" magazines than in the shot of him looking up.
  4. The Perm's scarf is thicker in the intro than it is in the episode itself
  5. Also in the intro, both of Emo Bear's eyes are visible. But, once again, in the episode, only one of Emo Bear's eyes is visible.
  6. The Perm's gloves are lighter in the episode than they are in the intro.
  7. The Perm's hair is darker in the episode than it is in the intro.
  8. the folds in The Perm's scarf disappear when he is opening the package.
  9. When Emo Bear opens his mirror cabinet, the outline of the inside of his right ear is dark grey instead of black.


  1. The "Pirates Monthly" issues have the Happy Tree Friends character Russell on them.
  2. Emo Bear's death is similar to Lifty's death in the Happy Tree Friends episode "Meat Me for Lunch".
  3. Emo Bear is the very first character to die in the series
  4. This is the first episode of the series
  5. The Perm is listed as a featuring role, even though he doesn't come in until the end
  6. The sausages at the meat counter are pictured 3 times
  7. the ground beef at the meat counter was originally going to be Emo Bear, but that would give it away
  8. Emo Bear was packaged, but still wrapped up
  9. The Perm was originally not going to have a voice
  10. Future characters Pop-Tart and Smokey's houses are shown in the background as Emo Bear drives off.
  11. Emo Bear's car is called the Emobile, and is painted to look like a razor.

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